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Cairns Show – Wearable Art First Prize

First Prize at the Regional Show!09-box-strap-bustier-first-p


Wearable Art is a new category at the Show this year. I jumped at the chance to make something that has been on my mind for a very long time. Just before going on stage I found out that first prize was a trip to Brisbane to compete at the EKKA. More details coming soon. I’m looking forward to working on more pieces in the future and have already been commissioned to do a Tropical Mother Christmas!

Thanks to Kristy Cumming (Sales Director for Mary Kay Cairns) for doing make-up and faulse eyelashes and Thanks to Erica and Ryley (College Cuts) for amazing hair work.

Describe your outfit:

Box-Strap Bustier.

I am fascinated with beautiful things and three dimensional construction techniques.

I have experimented and sculpted with diverse materials and always choose reclaimed objects. My sculptures are 100% recycled.

Box straps are flexible and strong and can be easily woven into a variety of shapes without loosing form. They are a forgiving materials that is a pleasure to work with, the white colour looks like crystal.

Transforming materials with an industrial background into wearable beautiful objects is enormously satisfying. I aim to increase awareness of reusable materials that are regularly thrown away.

Type of Outfit:
‘Risky’ Corsetry for fancy occasions

box straps
striped down electricity cables
(100% reclaimed/recycled materials: no glue/stables have been used).

Below are the criteria that the outfit was judged on. I don’t know my score, but I think I need to work on the overall finishing.

Overall finishing to garment. 10
Has the outfit been sewn by entrant? If Yes 10
Suitability of fabric/materials used for the class entered. 10
Artistic Design. 20
Visual Impact of the garment for the desired artistic effect. 50