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Recycle NutRuby runs a variety of workshops responding to the needs of the group. In addition to school holiday workshops she often provides the children’s activities at fairs and open days.  Endless craft possibilities are unleashed by providing a range of reclaimed materials that have been rescued from rubbish bins. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

The “Recycle Nut” Manifesto:

2011-12-21-table-set-upWe are proud to use Second Hand!
We want to keep rubbish out of the land.
We love the sea to be healthy,
And we recycle when we can.

The beautiful things that we make,
will show it is no mistake.
To up-cycle our junk,
into fashionable objects that take-the-cake.

Open recycled craft workshops for primary school aged kids and their parents.

Participants are guided in basic sculpture techniques – imaginative use of available
materials, strong construction and working in 3 dimensions.

Explore three dimensional sculptural techniques!

Recycle Nut Workshops

My Vision is to promote education and awareness of wastage through recycled arts and craft workshops. I want to bring families together to make a difference and enable children to have real input into a large scale installation.
I allow the child to be the creative director with the adult as the technical coordinator.

When running workshops I offer fun, engaging and organic education. I aim to give a hands on experience with cross-generational interaction.

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