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Ruby provides open workshops of recycled craft activities for kids and their parents at fairs, and festivals.

Ruby Bou in front of the effel towerRuby Boussard promotes awareness of waste in our environment by running recycled craft workshops. Children and their parents are encouraged to be creative and imaginative with unusual materials and traditional techniques.  The range and diversity of 100% recycled materials available illustrates the excesses of objects dumped in land fill. 

Ruby believes that art can be used effectively for community development, and by working with children we can improve the social cohesion of a town. 

Ruby is fascinated with three dimensional construction techniques and how diverse materials can be made wearable.


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Ruby Ruth Wearable Art & Workshops is based in
Cairns, Queensland, Australia.ode-to-a-photocopier

Mobile Phone Number:
0437 677 424


I am always searching for material to up-cycle!I especially re-use home office printers in the Reverse Engineering workshops.

I’m after anything with potential to be used for making things, particularly non-standard craft materials. (Think beyond toilet rolls, egg cartons and shoe boxes.)

I am interested in things non-saleable and destined for landfill. I like to educate about plastic infiltrating into our oceans, and teach about keeping things out of landfill.

Some examples: odd pieces of Tupperware – lids, bottoms; good quality small cardboard boxes; plastic knives and forks; belts, bags, thongs, shoes; cd, tape, video, records; cables, earphones; broken machines, printers, photocopiers, remote controls; old make-up (for finger paints!); broken jewellery; damaged Christmas decorations; broken and unsafe toys; chipped/broken crockery (for mosaic work); shop fittings and anything else you can think of!

Ruby Boussard