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My CV, successful projects and grants recieved

Single Use Plastic

When creating visual art I make sculptural art pieces and wearable objects which are high end, aiming for timeless quality.   My mission is to educate with beauty.  My vision is to make amazing artwork with surprising materials.

Working as an artist I am focused on a high quality end result.

Why Wearable Art?

The aim of prducing wearable art is to reach a wider audience.

By making wearable art I hope to draw attention to the pollution of the seas by exhibiting pollution on the body.

First Photos of the “Camping Collection”

I am very excited to be able to post some of the first photos of this year’s ‘Camping Collection’.

Wearable Art made from 100% repurposed materials

Gowns are made from tents.  Hats are made from palm tree flower stalks.

Thank you to Zara Walton for the amazing photos.

Cairns Show – Wearable Art First Prize

First Prize at the Regional Show!09-box-strap-bustier-first-p


Wearable Art is a new category at the Show this year. I jumped at the chance to make something that has been on my mind for a very long time. Just before going on stage I found out that first prize was a trip to Brisbane to compete at the EKKA. More details coming soon. I’m looking forward to working on more pieces in the future and have already been commissioned to do a Tropical Mother Christmas!

Thanks to Kristy Cumming (Sales Director for Mary Kay Cairns) for doing make-up and faulse eyelashes and Thanks to Erica and Ryley (College Cuts) for amazing hair work.

Describe your outfit:

Box-Strap Bustier.

I am fascinated with beautiful things and three dimensional construction techniques.

I have experimented and sculpted with diverse materials and always choose reclaimed objects. My sculptures are 100% recycled.

Box straps are flexible and strong and can be easily woven into a variety of shapes without loosing form. They are a forgiving materials that is a pleasure to work with, the white colour looks like crystal.

Transforming materials with an industrial background into wearable beautiful objects is enormously satisfying. I aim to increase awareness of reusable materials that are regularly thrown away.

Type of Outfit:
‘Risky’ Corsetry for fancy occasions

box straps
striped down electricity cables
(100% reclaimed/recycled materials: no glue/stables have been used).

Below are the criteria that the outfit was judged on. I don’t know my score, but I think I need to work on the overall finishing.

Overall finishing to garment. 10
Has the outfit been sewn by entrant? If Yes 10
Suitability of fabric/materials used for the class entered. 10
Artistic Design. 20
Visual Impact of the garment for the desired artistic effect. 50