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First Photos of the “Camping Collection”

I am very excited to be able to post some of the first photos of this year’s ‘Camping Collection’.

Wearable Art made from 100% repurposed materials

Gowns are made from tents.  Hats are made from palm tree flower stalks.

Thank you to Zara Walton for the amazing photos.

Cairns Children’s Festival – Waste Not World

For the first Cairns Children’s at the Tanks children from Edge Hill State School were invited to make life sized silhouettes of themselves to populate a cardboard maze world. The child was the creative director and the adult was the technical coordinator, who does the cutting and enabling the imagination. The child then decorated the cardboard silhouette with old clothing and oil pastels. The negative cardboard offcuts were used to create a growing multidimensional Waste Not World in the Tinker Tank.