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Christmas 2011 on the Esplanade

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This was a fabulous week of morning spent on the Esplanade in front of Muddy’s Café. The Esplanade is a perfect in the mornings, with the sun heating up, and a slight breeze. Setting up on a picnic table was fun and all the cracks were filled with glitter over the course of the 10 sessions.

Milk bottles are my new favourite medium… they are so perfect to cut! Kids can push a pair of scissors trough them without hurting themselves. They have a fine white colour that is a white opaque colour. It is easy to bend them into a variety of three dimensional shapes. Oil pastels are perfect for drawing onto milk bottle plastic. All the colours go on strong and clear.

I had help from Mary, the amazing volunteer. She delights in engaging people in conversations and loves to hear about where they come from.

Noisemakers for Cairns Festival Parade 2011

Festival Parade 2011 Noise Makers!!!

Let’s make some NOISE!

Free workshop, for kids and parents.

Dates: 6&7 August 2011 Saturday and Sunday 2 – 6pm (the 2 weekends before Festival)

Workshop Location: Marquee at the front of Muddy’s Café.

Workshop participants made percussion guitars from ukule boxes and rubber bands.

Pop-up Puppets

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sun-1Made from up-holsterers scraps and card, pop-up puppets can appear anywhere. They are cheeky, and each character has their own persomality. Mr Sun is the most fun, he likes to play with the turtle.

Puppets are fun devices to get children talking. The puppets tell stories about what happened to them last week, who is in their family and what they like to do.