Recycle NutI am a Recycle Nut!

I run recycled craft workshops with children and their families. I aim to show children different ways of looking at household waste, and give them ideas for things to do around the house.  I have managed the children activities at local festivals and fairs.

Give kids screwdrivers and watch them go! Reverse Engineering workshops are great for kids aged 8-12 with energy to burn.  We take household electrical items to bits, one piece at a time, then put the pieces back together to make scupture!

Ruby Ruth Wearable Art and Workshops is a Creative Industry with dual purposes:
– Workshops using recycled materials
– Creation of up-cycled art
– 3D constructions from reclaimed objectsAs an artist have experimented and sculpted with diverse materials and always choose reclaimed objects.  My sculptures are 100% pure recycled. No glue, no staples, nothing that isn’t recuperated somehow. When working with children we use one or two new materials – glue, sticky tape, glitter and oil pastels all add to the creative process. 

09-box-strap-bustier-first-pTransforming materials with an industrial background into wearable beautiful objects is enormously satisfying.  I aim to increase awareness of reusable materials that are regularly thrown away.I love to pull sculpture into three dimensions. I like to think my work interacts with the people who wear it, moving into the fourth dimension (time)!

I am a recycle nut – if you see someone in an industrial  bin, it might just be me.  I will take ‘as new’ things out of bins and put them into second hand bins!

Ruby Boussard